Organic Beef and Lamb

For Matt & Mel Carter, owners of Myall Springs, producing the highest quality ACO & USDA certified organic beef & lamb for individual consumers was as easy as supporting their own personal ethos - a clean, environmentally sustainable and healthy farm producing what they wanted to eat - clean, sustainable and healthy food.

Not only has organic beef and lamb more flavour, but it also has a proven higher level of Omega 3 fats, high levels of vitamin E and is lower in fat and calories.

Be assured that the Myall Springs organic beef and lamb has also been raised free of drugs and chemical (including growth hormones and antibiotics) and is 100% Grass Fed.

Matt & Mel are passionate about their animals' welfare, and believe in making their farm the best possible environment for producing happy healthy stock. Matt and his young family have completed a ‘low-stress stock handling course’. Myall Springs has recently become GAP (Global animal partnership) accredited, which assures the consumer of humane animal treatment.

Myall Springs allows you to experience and taste the difference of buying high quality 100% grass-fed, organic beef and lamb.

Buy Organic Lamb and Beef

We supply wholesale butchers, retail outlets and the public.
Please email or
phone Matt & Mel (02) 6743 3525.

Our online store will be available in early 2019.
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