About Myall Springs

Myall Springs is located 35km north of Gunnedah and home to graziers, Matt and Mel Carter along with their four children. The property takes its name from its spring-fed clean water supply, which further reflects the focus on producing the highest quality of 100% grass-fed organic beef and lamb that are bred, raised and fattened on the property. Myall Springs has been running chemical free since 2006 and complies with both the Australian and USA Certified Organic standards, which place great emphasis on building and maintaining healthy soil and animal welfare.

Myall Springs has been home to the Carter family for four generations. Traditionally the undulating native grass country supported sheep, cattle and cropping operations.

Over the last eighteen years, Matt and Mel have changed the way they farm this beautiful country, placing a strong focus on natural resource management. Conscious that just three generations ago their forefathers enjoyed a much more fruitful enterprise, Matt and Mel have focused upon regenerating native grasslands, waterways and soil health to restore the land to the diverse and thriving ecosystem it was in earlier times.

With set goals of what they wanted to achieve from a production and natural resource management perspective, a turning point was in 2006 when right in the middle of a drought the water holes were actually holding clean water and they started to flow.

For Matt and Mel, it's about putting in work rebuilding the natural environment working towards a sustainable future for their children, so that Myall Springs will continue to flourish and be home for generations to come.

In 2013, Matt was awarded the Kondinin Group Live Stock producer of the year for his sustainable farming practices and for diversifying into direct selling.

For more information about the Carter’s focus on Natural Resource Management, you might like to view some extracts from various publications, particularly the case study from Namoi Catchment Authority. These articles are available to view (see sidebar).

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