Camping and Accommodation

For independent travellers who would like to stay overnight at Myall Springs, the Carters offer simple campsites or the opportunity to bunk down in the shearer’s huts.

For campers or overnight stays, there is access to:

  • Rustic group accommodation in shearer’s huts
  • Well-equipped cookhouse for meal preparation
  • Woolshed

Until the 1990s the shearers quarters and sheds were used by big teams of men for the annual shearing on the property. Having moved away from wool and now focusing on organic beef and lamb production the iconic sheds and quarters provide the ideal accommodation for short stays.

Campers are well catered for with access to a rowboat and canoes for recreation activities on the property’s picturesque dam. Nestled within the Nandewar ranges visitors are struck by the vista and the abundance of bird and wildlife.

If you are staying overnight there is time to take in various bushwalks with a highlight, the limestone ridge that is part of the sea floor when the inland sea covered much of Australia. There is evidence of this history with fossils of ancient sea animals a feature.

If camping or bedding down in the shearers huts you will need to be self-sufficient. You will need to bring your own:

  • Food, drink and tea towels
  • Bed linen- sheets and pillows for all beds and extra bed linen and sleeping bags if you require these for your group.
  • Towels, soap and other bathroom items
  • Insect repellent and sunscreen
  • Good torch, matches (remember Myall Springs is out of the city so it gets dark at night).

Myall Springs is also located close to the Nioka Shooting Range which hosts shooting weekends for licensed holders of approved firearms. Group accommodation is available at Myall Springs for visitors to Nioka.


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